Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum)

Money plants are very popular as indoor plants or house plants and are supposed to bring wealth and prosperity to our home. These plants look very attractive and easy to care for. According to Feng Shui and Vastu, many species of plants are believed to be connected with getting rich. Based on this, money plants can be of different types. In this article we will know about Epipremnum aureum or Golden Pothos.

Scientific Name of Money Plant – Epipremnum aureum is the botanical name of money plant which belongs to family Araceae. It is found in Australia, Japan, China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Common Names – Golden Pothos, Ceylon Creeper, Devil’s Vine or Devil’s Ivy, Ivy Arum, Taro Vine, Marble Queen Pothos, Hunter’s Robe Plant etc.

    Money Plant Structure –

    Plant type – Money plant is an evergreen perennial vine.

    Stem – upto 20 m tall with 4 cm thickness of stem.

      Leaf – It has alternate and heart shaped leaves. Money plant leaf spreads upto 100 cm in length and 40 cm broad leaves. 

      Flower – This plant has a shy-flowering nature and rarely flowers due to genetic impairment of Gibberellin Biosynthetic Gene. Induced flowering was observed in experiments when GAs or artificial hormone supplements sprayed onto the plant.

      History – This plant was classified as Pothos aureus in 1880 and redefined as Rhaphidophora aurea in 1962. After observations it was described as Epipremnum pinnatum and now considered as Epipremnum aureum.

        Benefits / Uses of money plant – 

          • Used for decorative purposes in offices, house residences. 
          • Have attractive leaves.
          • Money plant absorbs radiations exerted from computer, television and wifi router.
          • Reduces stress and anxiety
          • Purifies the air and removes airborne toxins i.e. formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.  
          • Requires little care and is easy to maintain.

          How to grow money plant – Money plants care is very less demanding except to put it in the right place. Best results observed in indirect sunlight as direct sunlight for a long time can cause burning of leaves. Irrigate the money plants with an adequate amount of water when the surface looks dry at the top of the soil. Money plants can also be grown in the hydroponic system and rapid growth observed in it. 

            The major question asked about money plant is “how to grow money plant from stem cutting?”. Propagation of money plants is usually done by stem cuttings but this might invite various diseases. The diseased or dried leaves should be removed. The climbing vine of money plants should be supported with the help of sticks, net or threads.

            Money Plant in Water – “How to grow money plant in water” is the common question of money plant lovers. Here is the way to grow money plant in water faster-

              1. First of all, get the bottle, jar or vessel as a pot.
              2. Select the stem cutting with newly sprouted leaves and at least 2 buds should be submerged in water.
              3. Fill the glass or jar with fresh water at room temperature.
              4. Keep the pot at a place which receives the bright and indirect sunlight.
              5. Keep changing the water at least once a week. 
              6. After 1-2 weeks emerging roots are visible from the nodes or buds of targeted stem cutting.
              7. Small amount of fertilizer or seaweed can be added every 4 to 6 weeks to achieve good vegetative growth.
              8. Spray of liquid form of fertilizers on leaves also results in healthy and fresh leaves.
              9. Timely pruning of the money plant yields attractive leaves and faster growth of the plant. 

              Money Plant Vastu – According to Fengshui and Vastu, placing the money plants in the right place or direction in our home brings positive flow of energy which results in wealth, health, prosperity and happiness in our home. Vastu experts advise to keep the plant in the southeast direction. Southeast direction is associated with abundance, prosperity and stability. Avoid placing it in the northeast direction as it causes the opposite effect. Thus, the money plant vastu direction is in the southeast corner of the home. Money plants should always be green and don’t let it get dried and dry leaves should be removed. Its vines should not touch the ground. 

                Money Plant at home –  Many plant lovers get curious and think that is money plant lucky or not ? Money plants should always be grown as indoor plants. Indoor money plant is a beautiful and lucky vine which brings positive energy in the home. Money plant in home is good fortune for us. In the home, money plants can be put near computers and tv to absorb harmful radiations. 

                  Money plant in office – According to vastu, money plants can be put in green or blue bottles  at the workplace which provides positive energy and creates new ways of career growth.

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